At the December 11, 2012 Uranium Mining Public Hearing in Chatham, Virginia, copies of the Virginia Uranium Working Group Report, November 30, 2012, were made available to the public.  Of the 94 page Report, a little more than one-half a page is given to a section titled: “best managment practices.”  In order to learn more about the specifics of how uranium mining and milling would actually be operated and regulated, citizens have to read “Exhibit G: Engineering Design Best Management Practices Report” in the full  Uranium Study: Final Report Commonwealth of Virginia, October 12, 2012. This section is 133 pages. (Click here to link to the actual document.)

This analysis of the Virginia Working Group’s Final Report and supplemental information lead to the inescapable conclusion that the best practices regulatory framework for mining uranium and storing radioactive waste would consist of arbitrary and capricious procedures, policies, and standards based on a fallacy of containment. Cameco’s present 1.2 billion dollar cleanup problem in Canada is yet another empirically demonstrated fact that containment facilities continue to fail. Therefore regulations are written to legally authorize radiological contamination to workers and to the environment because failure of the containment facilities is inevitable. Clearly, Virginia legislators must not lift the ban to mine uranium in Virginia. Read the full report by Deborah and Ken Ferruccio. Uranium Mining–The Case Against Best Practices 1.5.13