Because the theoretical science of waste management continues to be in a state of denial concerning its limitations, even when confronted with empirical evidence of its limitations and failures, the delusional “science” of waste management continues to facilitate the destruction of communities and regions.

It is clear that a rationale for selective regional sacrifice is behind the proposal to mine uranium in Chatham, Virginia, because the rationale is based on the delusion that waste management regulations and facilities can ensure the containment of the radioactive waste. Waste management facilities do not contain waste; they simply recycle the waste back into the environment over time.

Delusional democracy is often facilitated through waste management legislation. The executive (governor) makes the decision concerning the siting of toxic, hazardous, nuclear, and radioactive waste facilities, negates the significance of public hearings, preempts local sovereignty rights concerning the siting of the facilities, and authorizes force as needed to sacrifice a community or region but deludes the targeted community or region into believing it is living in a democracy by allowing symbolic protests against the facilities and by other cosmetic procedural means as well. To read the entire argument put forth by Ken Ferruccio click the link Uranium Mining — Delusional Science.