At the center of industrial civilization, materially speaking, is economic development. Economic development depends on the availability of natural resources, which, along with race and religion, tend to be what wars are fought over.

The problem is that at the center of the industrial economic system is a rationale for selective human, community, and regional sacrifice — a nihilistic rationale that cannot be reconciled with aspirations for democracy and justice.

Waste is intrinsic to the economic industrial model. The intention to target and to sacrifice a community or region by establishing toxic, hazardous, and nuclear waste facilities, which continue to contaminate the environment, is why targeted communities prepare a case for self-defense. These targeted communities know the waste is persistent (lasts in perpetuity), environmentally mobile (moves around in the environment), bioaccumulative (builds up in the body, often reaching a threshold sufficient to cause disease and possibly death), and cannot be contained over time.

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