How to set up a home school in North Carolina.

Every state has different rules and different reporting agencies. The information I have compiled thus far deals with my home state, North Carolina. Other state information is coming.

In NC home schools are registered and report to the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education  (NCDNPE). Their website is loaded with all kinds of information, but only some of it is required. ( The rest of the information is suggested, but it is not required and depending on the needs of your child and family they may not work at all for your home school.

Setting up your home school in NC is simple. The home school must be registered with the NCDNPE with information updated annually. Shot records for the students need to be kept on file, attendance must be kept and one standardized test must be administered annually.  The person in the home in charge of their education must have at least a high school diploma or GED and the child(ren) need to be between the ages of 7 & 16. (One additional family may be included in the home school, see exceptions on the web site.)