About EJ-PP


One of the purposes of this environmental justice-pollution prevention website is to explore and to expose how environmental injustice and pollution are perpetrated through local, state, and federal political maneuvering by academics, scientists, and policy makers often bound by special interests and by public and corporate monies and who use delusional and politically-compromised science as a rationale for their decision-making.

Another purpose of this website is to show how achieving environmental justice and pollution prevention requires a transparent, stakeholder-driven, collaborative problem-solving process in order to verify that scientific data and policy decisions concerning contamination are unfettered and based on information from quality-controlled/quality assured sampling, testing and labs.

While discussing issues and sharing information, the purpose of this website also is to inspire and to motivate people to want to become actively involved in local, state, national, and global environmental justice and pollution prevention issues and to believe that their individual efforts, when combined with others in geographic and virtual communities, can make a valuable difference.

Our work is more than cut out for us, but if we care about the environment, natural resources, and public health for ourselves and generations to come, then we’ll do whatever it takes.