Politics & Environment

Politics can be a strange and dirty business, especially when the business is about polluting the air people breath and the water they drink. So politics and the environment make poor partners. There is often little money to be made protecting the environment.  But big, big money can be made polluting it. The kind of money that makes people crazy with greed.

The latest form of politicking that is worth noting is the decoy bill. The bill that moved through the House of Delegates and Senate in Virginia in early January that supported lifting the ban on uranium mining was a DECOY. The real bill that moved quietly through the House and Senate a week later was SB1138.

This bill (SB1138) established the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority (VNECA) which would have broad powers to handle all things nuclear and have no over site. What a great plan! An end run around the opposition to lifting the ban plays so well in the backrooms and boardrooms.

The clandestine group established by the bill would be able to do just about anything nuclear, including but not limited to writing regulations for mining and milling uranium, and storage of nuclear waste, perhaps even designing new nuclear warheads. Who would know? No one would know. They would be exempt from nearly every type of public protection.

When questioned about this bill, Governor Bob McDonnell’s spokesperson compared it to the Wind Authority HB389 passed in 2010. They are nothing alike. Take a look for yourself at the bills and then the full comparison. Tell Governor McDonnell what you think. SB1138  HB389   FULL COMPARISON