Uranium mining and milling has not been executed safely anywhere in the world, ever. But that will not stop the greedy from trying to get their hands on some yellow cake gold, even if it sickens every last human on earth.

“The uranium industry is making a well-financed push to repeal the ban so they can mine and process uranium, starting in Southside Virginia. Drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife and tourism across Virginia are at risk.”  —keeptheban.org

Why is everyone so against uranium mining in VA? Uranium is the most deadly substance known to humanity. It is deadly in every form. From the moment you disturb it from its naturally occurring state in the bedrock until you have to figure out what to do with the waste from the nuclear power plant or spent warheads. It is a mess that you can never, ever clean up. (See Uranium: The Deadliest Metal by Dr. Gordon Edwards)

While the above quote is technically true, what isn’t said is that uranium and all of it’s poisonous derivatives do not recognize state boundaries, and this threat is so large and so terrible it is not limited to VA or NC. This is an entire East Coast problem, and since the Abemarle Sound dumps into the Atlantic Ocean, it is really a world problem.  North Carolina is the most threatened because of our proximity to the mine site and by the fact that more than a million or so North Carolinians get their drinking water directly from the river basin where the mining and milling would take place. Prevailing winds will blow the tailing dust all over the place on a good day, and on a bad day, it would be unimaginable.


Keep the Ban

The Keep the Ban Coalition is a group of local and state organizations working to maintain the existing ban on uranium mining in Virginia. Scores of public interest groups and localities (see the list here) and more than 17,000 citizens have stated their support to the General Assembly for keeping the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.